The Glomerular Center at Columbia University was organized to foster the advancement and study of glomerular diseases of the kidney.

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Our Missions

Basic research in the development of the glomerular filters has been a priority of the research laboratories in the Renal Division at Columbia University. 

Clinical trials are underway to study most major glomerular diseases including focal glomerulosclerosis, diabetic nephropathy, membranous nephropathy, IgA nephropathy, and many patterns of lupus nephritis. 

Educational activities include the publication of many scientific articles each year. Annually the Renal Pathology Department and Renal Division conduct a four day course dealing with Renal Biopsy and Medical Diseases of the Kidney.

Our Team

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Gerald Appel, MD


Andrew Bomback, MD


Jai Radhakrishnan, MD

Pietro Canetta, MD

Mariela Navarro-Torres, MD

Our Collaborators

Collaboration And Expertise

The Glomerular Center is a collaborative effort of members of the Divisions of Nephrology and Renal Pathology at Columbia University. Currently over 1800 renal biopsies are processed annually by the Renal Pathology Division. This provides a large resource for defining new diseases of the kidney and studying the relationships between renal histopathology and the clinical features, course, and outcome of the patients. 

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