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We are the Center of Glomerular Kidney Diseases

Created in 2000 as the first center in the United States, we are dedicated to the care of people with rare diseases of the Glomerulus. Based at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, the Center for Glomerular Diseases at Columbia University is a collaboration between members of the Nephrology and Renal Pathology Divisions at Columbia University.

  • Clinical and Laboratory Research
  • 10-15 Clinical Trials Ongoing Simultaneously
  • Over 1800 Renal Biopsies Annually
  • World-Renowned Faculty

Fostering the Advancement and Study of Glomerular Diseases

Members of the Center have helped organize and run The Columbia Renal Biopsy Course, attended by over 300 physicians annually, and a highly successful one-day Annual Update of Glomerular Diseases. In the last year alone, members of the Glomerular Center contributed to the publications of over 25 manuscripts many in the most influential kidney journals.

Currently, our physicians treat over 3000 patients each year. We are deeply committed to research with 10-15 clinical trials ongoing at a given time, to find newer and more effective treatments for our patients with rare diseases. 

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