Our center enrolls patients into a variety of research studies to:
  • Understand the causes and mechanisms of glomerular diseases
  • Offer patients access to new and promising treatments for these diseases.

Some studies may also be accessible via Columbia RecruitMe, an online resource that links to many of the studies happening at the university.

Observational Studies of Glomerulopathy 

Clinical Research Protocols of 

Investigational Medications 

Basic and Translational Research 

related to Glomerular Diseases. 

Nephrotic Syndrome Study

Network (NEPTUNE)

Membranous Nephropathy 

Belimumab with Rituximab for

Primary Membranous 
Nephropathy (REBOOT) 

Cure Glomerulonephropathy


A Study Evaluating the Efficacy andSafety of Obinutuzumb in 

Participants with Primary 

Membranous Nephropathy 

IgA Nephropathy

Efficacy and Safety of Nefecon in

Patients with Primary IgA Nephropathy Who Have

Completed Study Nef-301 (Nefigard-OLE) 

Sanna-Cerchi Lab 

A Study of the Effect and Safety of Sparsentan in the Treatment

of Patients With IgA Nephropathy 

Alport syndrome 

Study of Lademirsen (SAR339375) 

in Patients with Alport Syndrome


Some studies may also be accessible via Columbia RecruitMe.